Enough is Enough

She called and left a five minute voicemail on my phone and I hate voicemail. I never listen to voicemails.

I listened to all five minutes and was in tears by two and a half– and nobody died either. She called to give me the “skinny” on the rich lady at her church who scrubs peoples’ floors and toilets in her spare time.

Weird, right? No, but far from being some perverted hobby, this woman apparently teaches people to clean homes if they are poor, are living in filth, or are disabled in some way, and have expressed interest in learning. Rolls up her sleeves, hunkers down, and scrubs black mold. She’ll go buy them a new table, or whatever they need to feel like a family. And she knows how to help people in a way that will last. Husband is a multi-millionaire. Director of a medical practice with three different offices.

They have season tickets to the theater and every month when there is a performance they invite a couple who could use a date. Every Friday they pick a family that they ask them what their favorite food is, what their favorite dessert is and buy them dinner. Over the holidays she approaches the various church leaders and gives them money to buy Christmas presents for those in need.

Basically, they use their money to serve people.

This is about the point where I started tearing up.

Apparently they work hard and live modestly and you would never guess that they’re rich. No flashy clothes or manicured nails.

“They’re people that when you talk to them, they build you up. They look for the best in you. They say, ‘Wow you’re doing a great job.’ Or they listen, really. That’s what they do; listen and smile. And hug you.”

My friend says they don’t say the words “I love you,” but she knows for a fact that they love her and her family.

So by this point I’m really crying. And regretting that the voicemail isn’t longer.

Because you know, it’s true that I love me a nice pair of shoes and it’s true that the glider we have is falling apart. And it’s true that raising kids in Manhattan, pretty much all of our income will be spent on rent and food. On our first trip to the grocery store I picked up a box of Raisin Nut Bran and nearly fell over with surprise upon finding the price tag. $7.50 for a box of cereal.

But you know, I look around the room and I can’t help thinking maybe we have enough.

I listened to the voicemail three more times after that.


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