The Next Baby Step

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Zoe has learned a new skill: blowing raspberries. I’ve only seen this milestone listed on one baby growth chart, but from her perspective this seems to be the most monumental change in her life since leaving the womb.

She’ll just sit and contentedly blow raspberries all day.

Actually, she hasn’t yet learned how to sit. She’ll lie down on her tummy and just blow them raspberries and flash a toothless, amused grin. She thinks it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread.

No, actually she has no idea what bread is, much less a slice. Only eats milk and rice cereal. But she is clearly very excited about this new skill. Totally lost any interest in learning spoken language. Fine with me. Razz away, baby girl. And if you blow a raspberry back at her– or on her little tummy– gosh, she nearly dies of excitement. Kicks her little limbs and giggles. Oh my heart, she giggles.

The babe has a long way to go. At five months old, she’ll have sitting, standing, walking, and talking– among other things– to look forward to in just the next year or so. But she’s not concerned with any of that. How can she be? She’s a baby. Nor does she lament the fact that it’s taken her a whole five months just to blow spit bubbles and make a loud noise with her lips. I mean, can we talk about anticlimactic? A whole five months for that? Oh no, folks. The Age of the Raspberry is a most joyous time indeed.

And so at five months, my daughter is already teaching me valuable life lessons. I could really afford to take a page from the Zoe book. Learn one new thing and enjoy it. And then the next thing. And the next. A tad more efficient that trying to crush your soul with the weight of every future lesson you may have to learn, eh? One step and then the next.


2 thoughts on “The Next Baby Step

  1. Perhaps I should take a page from the Veena book. I seem to crush my poor soul daily with trying to be in a new world where everything is technical, on-line registrations, complicated, scary. I haven’t learned the Zoe art of being delighted with learning each new thing. It’s rather more like trial by fire and angst.

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