Conference Call

I was unclear about this the first time I wrote this post so I’d like to clarify. I am running an independent real love conference call that is not listed on the website.

So for those of you unfamiliar with the workings of this, what is a conference call?

Free, first of all. Essentially it is a place to tell the truth about yourself, bask in the feeling of acceptance, and on occasion, get a nudge in the right direction if you are really stuck. Or you are always welcome to just listen. If you are interested in learning more about the particular principles I use, you can always read more about them here. But basically, it’s the same ideas that I write about all the time, applied specifically to people’s lives.

Useful information if you are interested: New number, new access code and new time.

Call in number: 424-203-8405

Access code:  667778#

Time: Thursdays 9PM EST – 10PM EST

As always, please mute yourself by pressing *6 when you call in and you can unmute yourself by again pressing *6 before you speak.

See you there starting on Thursday, May 8th!


2 thoughts on “Conference Call

    1. I believe I advertised poorly for this first week so there were only three of us on. We ended early. Got a new call in number and an access code that’s easier to remember. Will spread the word more for next week!

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