Stemming the Tide

Some thoughts on faith from someone a lot wiser that me (aka Greg Baer):

“I was on the beach in South Carolina and I’m watching these kids build a sandcastle. You know there’s the surf up front, and then there’s the wide swath of beach that’s nice and smooth, and then there’s the part where there’s all the crud, like driftwood and stuff. So obviously the difference between the surf and where all the dirt is, that’s as high as the tide usually gets, because that’s where it deposits all of its stuff at high tide, and then it goes back out. Then eventually the surf gets back up, deposits all its stuff, and then it goes back out again.

So here are these kids building their little sandcastle somewhere between the surf and the high tide. So you know that eventually the tide is going to come in and it’s going to knock out their sandcastle. You know this. But the kids don’t. They’re building this sandcastle, and as I’m going by, I’m watching these kids and they are having such a good time. I’m thinking, “I would love to participate in building this sandcastle. It just looks so fun.” So I asked them if I could help. They said sure. So I did.

And it was getting pretty big for a little kids. It was getting to be the size of my desk. It’s big. It was getting higher and higher, and the surf is creeping in. The tide starts coming in. A few of the waves start lapping at the edges of their castle and they’re getting a little worried. So then they start building a wall around their sandcastle. Well, we all know where this story is going, don’t we? So they’re going, “Let’s build a higher wall!”

So I’m helping them build a higher wall. Knowing, of course, what’s going to happen. The surf comes in more and more and we’re building a higher and higher wall. Well eventually the surf comes in more and more and no matter what we do, the waves come in and it knocks down the wall, it knocks down the castle and these are little kids, maybe six to eight. They’re crying, “Oh boo hoo, our sandcastle!”

And they’re sad because what? In that brief moment, they think that they can’t be happy while their sandcastle is being destroyed. Right? That’s the only reason you’d cry. Because for a brief moment you have no faith that you could be happy while this is going on, because your perspective is only an inch long. That’s as far as they can see. Am I sad? No. Because I can see beyond the destruction of their sandcastle. I know that after the sandcastle is gone, that they’re going to get over it like in a few minutes, and they’re going to go off and splash in the waves and they’re going to go do something else and this is going to be nothing. Right?

We’re not a whole lot more faithful than these little kids. All of these supposedly sad events that occur in our lives are very much like that, aren’t they? The tide comes in and splashes at the edges of the little– supposedly big– events in our lives, the castles in our lives, and tears them down and so what? Then we move on and we create another castle. We’ll be fine.”

For those of you who are on the membership site, this is from video chat 42 should you wish to watch the whole thing.



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