One of those added perspectives of motherhood a complete shift in priorities. I have an actual list in my head that goes like this:
1. Meeting Zoe’s needs
2. Sleep
3. Eating
4. Showering
5. Having a life

Sometimes numbers three and four get switched. I like being clean. I rarely get to number five.

I tried the whole gig without the mental list and had a disaster on my hands for the first three months of Zoe’s life. Essentially I’d have a meltdown of neuroticism every time Zoe napped, trying to figure out if I should grab a quick bite, sneak in a catnap, or fuel up with emotional support. So the natural solution was to simply ramp up my stress level without getting any of my needs met.

We’ve overcome that stage.

People tend to operate the same way in the rest of their lives if their priorities aren’t clear. My brother was talking to me about his capacity to reach out and initiate contact with his friends. He mentioned to me that other people seem scared of sticking their necks out. Which is true, but my brother also has clear priorities and that makes all the difference in the world. He understands what matters in life.

It’s people. You know– like Soylent Green?

People are what matter. And that’s pretty much it. People are number one, and also numbers two through ten. If you knew that establishing human connection was the single most important thing in life, why would the possibility of a single rejection deter you from even trying? Nah, people are worth it.

More specifically, loving people is the stuff of life. Love not as in huge and kisses; no, love as in just plain old giving a shit. Actually listening, not just hearing.


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