The Leap

“Holding us in place is simply fear

of what’s already changed.”

– Sara Barellies, Manhattan

Fear is what keeps us from trusting. Fear is what keeps us from making substantive changes in our lives. It is what keeps us from reaching out for help when we need it most. It keeps us from hoping.

What is the actual fear? What does every fear boil down to? It’s all just the fear of being unhappy. Why would we fear rejection if we knew deep in our souls that we would be guaranteed happiness either way? Losing a job? A family member?

If we knew we could be happy regardless of external circumstances, we’d be utterly fearless.

The irony is that the fear of unhappiness guarantees our unhappiness when we act on it (or rather don’t act).

In order to be happy we need to trust. If we want to feel happier than we’ve ever felt, we need to act in ways we’ve never acted. We need to reach out because none of us can accomplish this on our own. There is hope.

If we only fear unhappiness and we already are unhappy, what have we got to lose?

There’s a reason it’s called a leap of faith and not a cooly calculated decision.


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