But I had no choice

“My job requires me to be that selfish.”

I hear this assertion today and I have to say, it’s been a while since I’ve heard a claim this silly and far-fetched.

Can you imagine a job holding a gun to someone’s head with the ultimatum “Be selfish or die”? Of course not. It’s a ludicrous proposition.

For one thing, jobs don’t have hands. At least no job I’ve heard of.

We love blaming other people and circumstances for our decisions so that we never have to accept responsibility for the consequences of our actions. We completely ignore the fact that we are the ones that decide which job we take and, of a large extent, determine the way in which we perform that job.

Even if we have a natural propensity for a particular job, it doesn’t require us to take it. I, for example, have a very natural talent for cutting people’s heads off with acerbic retorts and eating tubs of ice cream when I’m PMSing. You don’t see me monetizing on that particular skill just yet. And believe me, I could.

And, you know, I was pretty decent at teaching physics and stuff.

But I’ve decided that raising a family is a more important work for me.

I’m not a better person than anyone else. We can all make choices to be kind and caring and that looks different for each person. My husband has made a commitment to becoming a more loving father and husband while working 12 hour days. By making that the primary goal of our lives not only do we become unbelievably content but we multiply the joy in the world around us.

I’ve just never seen a person justify and rationalize their selfishness and simultaneously be happy. Maybe entertained or complacent, but happy? Not a chance.

We are never slaves to the circumstances of the world.


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