The best thing about bright-eyed anticipation of the future is leaving behind the past.

If we could wake up every single morning and let the rising sun melt away yesterday’s problems, we still wouldn’t enjoy our clean slate often enough. We need our whiteboards wiped down. We need the marks on the Etch-a-Sketch to vanish more than daily. But if that is more than our limited human minds can manage, let us at least celebrate fresh starts once a year, with kazoos and confetti to mark the occasion.

Once every 365 days, humanity can shelf it’s cynicism, toss out the baggage of old and make room for it’s spirit to sing songs of hope, of pure, unadulterated promise.

Today of all days we need not let the stories of the past rot away at us from the inside out, like a festering cavity. Today of all days we can allow resentments to melt away, replaced by forgiveness and love. Today of all days we can express that love to the people we cherish. Today of all days we can dream of thinking better, being better and achieving better.

And today of all days we can resolve to live the next 364 days as much in this same spirit of hope and faith.

I don’t know about you, but I no longer have the time or energy to allow yesterday’s disappointments to corrode into today. I don’t have the desire to blemish a fresh, clean day by harboring anger over something that is past. I no longer have the willingness to sell myself short, to limit my capabilities and my capacity for kindness with the errors of the previous day.

Upwards. Onward.

Nothing is really new in the new year except what we make of it. Time is just a continuation. And so, in a continuation of the past year, I’ll do better cherishing my family, particularly my husband. Fresh starts are a good thing. One misunderstanding need not necessarily turn into two, and two need not necessarily turn into an argument. Every time there is unpleasantness, we can choose to start over– I can choose to start over– and to start with the basics and build up: I love my husband and there is nothing more important in our family than the amount of love in our marriage. Fresh starts are rather fun and exciting with that foundation.

Today of all days I can remember what is important to me and today of all days I can resolve to remember that for the rest of the days.


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