Jumping to Conclusions

Something wonderful happened to me yesterday. I wrote an inflammatory blog post as I am wont to do, and people disagreed with me. No surprises so far, and yet I had several friends actually talk to me about it. 

Glory hallelujah. I love it.

I can’t exactly explain to you why I write or why I blog. But I can tell you that it certainly NOT for the express purpose of generating shock value. I’m aware that I have a great many opinions that are not the popular, prevailing beliefs of the day. It is not at all my natural inclination to air those beliefs in a public forum– hence the reason I don’t speak in this manner or on these subjects in the course of ordinary conversation. I dislike strongly having any contention in my life and I dislike even more giving people the impression that I enjoy stirring up this kind of contention– the impression that I’m sure my blog leaves with its audience.

And yet I feel prompted and compelled to write. I treat it exactly like a sacred calling. Everyday I strive to say what I have to say openly and unapologetically. I struggle with the “unapolgetic” and worry about offending people, but we’re all adults here, right?

A week ago that last part would have been facetious, but today I am just so grateful to actually be an adult and to enjoy the friendship of other adults. I do not say this lightly. I had a friend interpret a post of mine as a (not-so) subtle way of trying to tell her something (my words, not hers) and she simply sent me a kind message and asked me about it. How much easier it would have been to simply take offense or silently avoid me! And how many times have I done that in my life? But I am lucky enough to have friends with more grit and character than that, friends that apparently think I am worth a moment of awkwardness to clear up a misunderstanding. And a that afforded me the glorious opportunity to let her know it had nothing to do with her and that I am simply an uncensored idiot.**

The earth spins on. 

Too often we draw conclusions based on incomplete information, spurred on by our most overriding fear. I’m going to try and not do that as much. I think the truth is way better. 

** FYI: if you ever think one of my posts is about you, it’s not. Beating around the bush is exhausting and I’d just talk to you about it if I was trying to tell you something. 


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