Jesus Loves Donald, Too

I didn’t write anything political before the election. The Internet was already so saturated with with divisive opinions that it seemed fruitless. Perhaps I should have. I doubt I could have altered a single vote, but perhaps I needed to to speak anyway, just as I needed to blacken a circle on a ballot in a state where my vote doesn’t count. The post I would have written then (and did begin to write) is very different from what follows. 

The election is over. We have put in power a volatile narcissist and you can’t blame anyone for fearing what comes next; we have no idea what he’ll do and what the ramifications will be.

Will we allow this fear to overcome us?

Any day of the year could usher in any catastrophe: a meteor could hit earth, the market could crash, we could total our car or become diagnosed with cancer. I am prepared to deal with any circumstance, but I do not live my life in fear of them. The election results are akin to a hurricane warning; get your flashlight and spare batteries ready, but don’t evacuate the city just yet. It could glance by us or it could level New Orleans. It’s too early to tell.

America is in pain. Minorities in our country feel persecuted by conservatives. And they’re right. Conservatives in our country feel persecuted by social liberals. And they’re right, too. Think about it. Why do racism and sexism bother us so much? It’s because we are being told that we are sub-human. And yet how do we treat the conservatives that elected Trump? We view them as sub-human, unworthy even to vote — which is why we were so stunned by the election results. 

Here we have two separate groups of people, each demanding that the other care about them first. Will you answer the call? Or will you continue to insist that others treat you with respect before you will consider them human? 

I get it; it’s hard loving people that hate you, but as long as we keep putting conditions on our love, we will die withered in vitriol, waiting for someone else to take the first step. The entire purpose of our lives is to become more like Christ, and he not only loved the people who nailed him to the cross, he died for them. 

Heck, Jesus even died for Donald Trump. Try that on for size. 

I’m not asking you to throw rose petals at his feet, but for your own peace, understand that even Trump is acting out of pain. Do you for one minute suppose that a fulfilled, content human being could act the way he does? Healthy, happy do not objectify women and disparage minorities for the fun of it. 

These issues of race and gender, urban vs rural, liberal vs conservative are red herrings masking cries of pain. We all want to be loved as we are. 

It was never promised to us that this life would be easy or free of hate. In fact we were promised the opposite; this life would be full of trials that afford us the opportunity to refine our spirits and become more like Christ. 

And to my atheist friends who don’t believe in Jesus but do believe that we can do better, prove it. Prove it to me, prove it to you, and prove it to all the Americans ready to hate you. 


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