Tolerance and Love Through the Life of Jesus Christ

Last week my husband, our two daughters and I returned from vacation in India. It was my husband’s first time meeting most of my family and our first vacation together since I’m still waiting on that honeymoon. 

I’m about to embarrass my husband a bit and I do this with his permission and in hopes of illustrating a point. As I talk about him, think about how this applies to all of us. And should my husband choose to get baptized, he has a wealth of anecdotes about me with that we can all look forward to. 

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Jesus’s Real Sacrifice Was His Life, Not His Death

My husband and I came home from church last Sunday waxed slick with the Spirit. We sank into our couch deeply satisfied and curled up on each other. Oliver remarked how great it was to see one of our friends that radiates light.

“I don’t get it,” I mused. “He is earnest about the Gospel, but he’s earnest in a way that leaves people wanting more. I’m earnest, but I’m earnest in a way that has people sprinting for the nearest exit. I frighten and overwhelm people.” 

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