Jesus Loves Donald, Too

I didn’t write anything political before the election. The Internet was already so saturated with with divisive opinions that it seemed fruitless. Perhaps I should have. I doubt I could have altered a single vote, but perhaps I needed to to speak anyway, just as I needed to blacken a circle on a ballot in a state where my vote doesn’t count. The post I would have written then (and did begin to write) is very different from what follows. 
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To My Daughters

I wasn’t planning on blogging a week after having my second child, but I feel compelled to write when I learn something and I feel compelled to learn something when I have kids — especially my pair of firecrackers. Learn or drown. 

Zoe, bless your little heart for being our Guinea pig. You were the first newborn anything I ever held. Continue reading

Freedom Comes Not From Unlimited Choices, But From Knowing What You Want

I’ve lived most of my life with my options open, sampling from the tasting menu instead of picking a venue, sitting down, and completing a meal. I tried the whole carpe diem thing, richoceted between reckless impulses on the supposed road to happiness. Live for yourself, consequences be damned. 

All of that experience left me with this unshakable testimony: living for yourself is way overrated. 

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