Life is So Good That Even the Hard Days Are Great

I’m in bed with a fever and quite close to delirium. I know this because my last coherent thought was, “No, my head is not an apple.”

Now that we’ve got that sorted out, don’t ask me about the incoherent thoughts. 

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Jesus Loves Donald, Too

I didn’t write anything political before the election. The Internet was already so saturated with with divisive opinions that it seemed fruitless. Perhaps I should have. I doubt I could have altered a single vote, but perhaps I needed to to speak anyway, just as I needed to blacken a circle on a ballot in a state where my vote doesn’t count. The post I would have written then (and did begin to write) is very different from what follows. 
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To My Daughters

I wasn’t planning on blogging a week after having my second child, but I feel compelled to write when I learn something and I feel compelled to learn something when I have kids — especially my pair of firecrackers. Learn or drown. 

Zoe, bless your little heart for being our Guinea pig. You were the first newborn anything I ever held. Continue reading